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Online Appointment Services


Take your Practice Online Offer your clients and referrers and easier and more convinient way to book appointments and exchange information 24X7

  • Take Booking from your own website
  • Schedule Appointments in Real-Time
  • Showcase your Practice & Services
  • Increase Referrals and Reduce Overheads
  • Connect and Communicate with your Clients

Online Appointment Bookings – Our standard listing is FREE!

Enable organisations, care professionals and individuals to search your services and book appointments through the Book an Appointment Now and associated web sites.

Key Features

  Standard Advanced
Add a "Online Appointment Booking" link to your website  
List your services, each with its own name, image and description  
Use interactive questions and answers to determine service needs, urgency and time required  
Receive automated email or SMS confirmations of all booked appointments  
Generate automated confirmations and reminders to persons making bookings  
Promote your services through the eCare® Community web site  
View your appointment history and drill down to details, as required  
Incorporate an automated feedback process that will help you to improve your service  
Enable clients to complete an online consent form, prior to their appointment  
Incorporate the requirement to enter a credit card number to help protect you against no-shows  
Enable available service dates and times to be securely accessed from your Practice database  
Include information and conditions that must be agreed to, prior to completing the appointment  
Enable special requests & notes to be added to each appointment  
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