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  • eCare™ has made it easier for us to connect with our patients.

    We simply added an online appointments link to our website and are getting appointment bookings most if not every day, especially on the weekends and evenings. We think that people are just too busy during the work week.

    Remember: Skin cancer is like an iceberg, with 2/3 rd’s under the surface. If you have a mole or sore that looks even a little suspicious, Book an Appointment Now!

    Molechecks SA

    South Australia
  • eCare™ has made it easier for us to educate and connect with our patients.

    We are excitedto participate in the Health & Wellbeing programme research project with the University of Adelaide, Discipline of General Practice. Our participation has resulted in significant benefits to our patients and practice: Health Education and Promotion, the addition of online appointments. And with flu season approaching we are advertising flu vaccines through our patient portals.

    Blair Athol Medical Clinic SA